What to Consider When Looking at Active Adult Retirement Communities

Many adults eagerly look forward to retirement as a time to rest, relax, travel, and enjoy time with friends and family. As their retirement approaches though, they may find themselves contemplating their next steps, like choosing between staying in the family home or considering other options. Downsizing to a retirement community is a choice that appeals to many retirees because they cater to their lifestyle preferences. 

What to know about active adult retirement communities 

Active adult retirement communities are an excellent lifestyle choice for healthy, socially active retirees looking to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. These communities offer various services, amenities, and social opportunities for retirees, making it challenging to choose the right community. 

Here’s what to consider when looking at active adult retirement communities: 

It’s all about location 

Location is one of the first things you should consider when considering active adult retirement communities. Your area might have multiple active adult retirement communities if you choose to stay in your city.   

Compare and consider whether you prefer an urban, suburban, or rural setting, the proximity to areas of interest, and the climate if you’re considering a move to a different part of the country. 

Considering another town, maybe to put you closer to your children and grandchildren? You’ll want to research and tour various communities to help you make the right choice. Check out this helpful resource to find and research active adult living communities.    

Services and amenities 

Active adult retirement communities offer a wide array of services and amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, golf courses, and dining options, that make them feel like all-inclusive resorts!   

Make sure you consider your personal preferences and needs for services and amenities by asking the following questions: 

  • Do you offer transportation services? 
  • What amenities are available (fitness center, spa, swimming pool, beauty salon, golf course, etc.)? Make sure you see the available amenities when you tour. 
  • Do you offer housekeeping, laundry, or concierge services? 
  • What types of activities are available?  

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Dining options 

The quality and food options in an active adult retirement community can make or break your experience. Ask the following to make sure your dietary needs and tastes are met. 

  • What are your dining options (restaurants, pubs, cafes, cocktail bars)? 
  • Do you have an in-house chef? 
  • May I sample a meal and see a menu? 
  • Can I have meals delivered after hours? 

Staff questions 

A professional and friendly staff is critical to your overall experience at any active adult retirement community. During your visit, observe the staff. Are they friendly and interacting with residents? Do they make you feel welcome? Are they helpful?  

Ask the following questions about the staff: 

  • Do you perform background checks? 
  • What are the training and education requirements? 
  • What’s your staff turnover rate? 

Community culture 

When visiting an active adult retirement community, ensure the community’s culture fits your retirement needs. Are you seeking a luxury, socially vibrant community like Allegro Senior Living? The Allegro lifestyle is designed for social and vibrant seniors who want a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.   

Allegro communities create an atmosphere that inspires an active, purposeful lifestyle and gives residents choices to do what they want, find fulfillment, and thrive during retirement.    

Financial considerations 

The cost of active adult retirement communities varies widely depending on your location, services, and amenities. You want to make sure the community you choose fits into your retirement budget by asking the following questions: 

  • What services are included in my monthly fee? 
  • What services are not covered? How much? 
  • What are your billing and payment policies? 
  • How often does rent increase? 
  • Is there a requirement for renter’s insurance?


Selecting an active adult retirement community is a significant decision that involves various considerations. By carefully evaluating location, budget, staff, services, and amenities, you can make an informed choice that ensures you have the best retirement experience. Take your time, research, and prioritize your preferences to find the perfect community for this exciting new chapter of your life. 

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