In Conversation with Michael Hurwitz: Celebrating Osprey Lodge's Excellence

We are thrilled to sit down with Michael Hurwitz, Executive Director of Osprey Lodge, to discuss the recent accolades and remarkable achievements of the community. Osprey Lodge has been named a winner in the assisted living category for the "2023 Best of Leesburg" award and has maintained an impressive five years of deficiency-free records. Let's dive into the details and learn more about the significance of these accomplishments.


Congratulations on Osprey Lodge being named a winner in the assisted living category for the "2023 Best of Leesburg" award. Can you tell us what this recognition means for our community and residents?

Osprey Lodge E-Blast - Michael Photo SquareRecently, Osprey Lodge was recognized nationally by US News and World Report as a Best Assisted Living community, but being recognized in our own backyard hits much closer to home. Winning the 2023 Best of Leesburg lets us know that we have been accepted by the community and are contributing to the lives of our local senior citizens. Osprey Lodge is committed to Lake County and its senior population. Having our commitment recognized tells us that as a community, we are on the right track. For our residents, it lets them see that they made the right decision in choosing to live this portion of their lives at Osprey Lodge.

Osprey Lodge has maintained a remarkable five years (and counting) of deficiency-free records. What attributes of the community's operations and staff have contributed to this outstanding achievement?

Osprey Lodge E-Blast - Michael Photo Square5+ years of deficiency-free care and business management has been made possible through the work of all associates at Osprey Lodge. When we think of care, we first look at the services provided by our Assisted Living and Memory Care staff who directly provide Activities of Daily Living (ADL) services. However, every meal graciously prepared and served, three times per day, seven days per week is also care. The maintenance and housekeeping teams provide a germ-free, beautifully smelling environment for our residents. Our residents’ positive mental health is due to our expansive Lifestyle program. The state expects all communities to keep track of all aspects of the community, complying with the regulations that govern the running of a community. Records, files, and training are all kept to the highest standards, and this too is critical to achieving a deficiency-free standing. All these factors contribute to the 5+ years of deficiency-free service that our residents experience daily.

Can you share some specific examples or stories of the dedicated and tenured staff at Osprey Lodge and how they contribute to the overall quality of life for residents?

Osprey Lodge E-Blast - Michael Photo SquareThere is probably no better example of the dedication provided to our residents than the two and a half years that the community (as well as the whole world) battled the COVID pandemic. Every day, the staff showed up for work at the community, risking their health to serve the residents. They did not remain behind closed doors as so many did during this time; they left their homes and exposed themselves to the outside world and the potential for serious illness. Every aspect of community living was altered. When residents were first restricted to their apartments, dining services delivered meals to their doors. To keep residents mentally healthy and happy, our Lifestyle program brought activities to their doors and floors. Ice cream carts, coffee wagons, even Bingo in the hallway. Housekeeping and Maintenance made sure the community was always sanitized and kept to the highest standards of cleanliness. When residents were finally free to roam the community, our Lifestyle and Maintenance directors created a live fishing activity to give the residents something unique and different to do while being trapped inside.

How do you plan to celebrate and share this achievement with the residents, their families, and the broader community?

Osprey Lodge E-Blast - Michael Photo SquareEach day at Osprey Lodge is a celebration. To celebrate this honor, we will be meeting with the residents at the next Resident Meeting to have them vote on a Special Dinner to share with the staff. We try to include all members of the community in the decision-making process.

Looking ahead, what goals and aspirations do you have for Osprey Lodge as it continues to set the standard for excellence in senior living in Leesburg and Tavares, Florida?

Osprey Lodge E-Blast - Michael Photo SquareAt Osprey Lodge, we acknowledge that we have been honored in many ways this year. We will continue to grow and learn as a community. We know that perfection is a goal, and while we may never achieve that goal, we will work hard to better ourselves, to better serve our residents, their families, and our associates. Each year, we will strive to remain deficiency-free with the state, work to care for our associates, to remain "A Great Place to Work," and dedicate ourselves to our current and future residents so that perhaps, we will be recognized again both locally and nationally.



It's evident that Osprey Lodge is not just a senior living community; it's a home where dedicated staff, exceptional services, and unwavering commitment come together to create an environment of excellence. We extend our congratulations to Osprey Lodge for their well-deserved recognition and look forward to their continued success in setting the standard for senior living in Florida.

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