Benefits of Living in a Studio for Seniors

Who would have thought that living in a smaller space would come with so many benefits for our seniors?  

  1. One Room Fits All
    With a studio, you won’t have to walk across an entire house or apartment to find something. You can usually just reach over and grab it!
  2. Multi-Tasking is Made Easy 
    When living in a small space, it is much easier to do more than one thing at one time. 
  3. Easy to Furnish and Maintain 
    Because there is a smaller space to deal with, decorating and maintaining a studio is quite an easy job. In addition, you can tidy it up in a flash!iStock-1145458485
  4. More Time and Money to Focus on What You Love 
    Less cleaning and fewer costs mean you have more time and money to pursue what matters the most to you. 
  5. More Social Engagement
    By living in a small studio, residents are indirectly encouraged to leave their rooms to explore the community. Social engagement is beneficial for slowing cognitive decline, and it lifts residents’ spirits and helps them enjoy the day.

Those are some main reasons why our seniors choose to live small instead of going big. How about you? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

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